Dob in Ta Ann for STILL selling Tasmania’s magnificent forests as ‘eco’ wood!

It’s hard to believe, but one of Malaysia’s biggest wood cartels is ripping through the Tasmanian wilderness, sourcing wood that comes from the destruction of high conservation value forests and selling it in Japan as “eco-friendly” plywood.

We need your help to stop this environmental abuse now. Ta Ann supplies companies like Panasonic who may then unwittingly believe the eco-spin and buy this plywood, selling it on to Japanese housing companies and the public.

Keep sounding the alarm, send Ta Ann’s corporate customers a message now!

14 comments on “TAKE ACTION

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  2. As a carpenter i want to use products i know have come from a sustainable source. I have seen first hand the destruction of amazing ecosystems in Tasmania. Stop destroying Tasmanias native forest. Is cheap timber really worth the negative publicity and the knowledge you are destroying amazing forests. Even in the UK we have heard of the destruction of Tasmanias forests by Japanese companies.

  3. Japanese companies are not destroying our forests!! A small section (as most of our forests are locked up for protection) have been logged and sustainably managed for over 100yrs. These previously logged areas have been rehabilitated so well that environmental groups are claiming they have high conservation values and need to be protected!! They have a hidden agenda!! Tasmanians are proud of our sustainable timber industry and companies in Japan should be using our products with pride and confidence knowing they come from a sustainable source.

    • 100 years ago we didn’t clear fell, poison, then burn as we do now. An area subject to this treatment will never return to how it was, the system will be much drier, much less diverse, and missing half of the organic system. Now we know how much damage we do and we are logging much faster and more violently than ever before. The current logging of Tasmania’s old growth is NOT Sustainable,

      • you are absolutely right hermione,the very fact that we are more aware these days about abuse of the eco system and the impact it has on all of us makes this kind of wilful destruction even worse..

  4. Thank goodness for Forestry Tamania (FT) fire crews today! Fires in Tasmania in the STYX, Lonnavale and Hopetoun are being managed by FT. A terrible day here in Tassie and prayers to all those in the Upper Derwent Valley and to all the animals affected, thankfully FT fire crews have been able to maintain the 3 fires in FT managed areas and protect Miranda in the Observer Tree because despite the forest industry disagreeing with Miranda’s opinions we all support peace in our forests 🙂

    • For me there is something amiss with this comment from you. We should be thankful for FT managing the fires so they can make a profit at a later date by destroying them. If managing the fires is deemed appropriate to save animals and their habitat then surely we should do this regardless of the commercial value.

      • I find something amiss with your reply too Trevor….you are missing the point about protecting properties, homes and lives. Yes FT do have a vested interest in protecting the state forest they manage but they also do their job in preventing spreading of bushfires to populated areas. Without FT there is no funding for fire trail and fire break maintenance. The fire crews paid by FT find jobs elsewhere which do not allow them the time off for volunteer fire fighting duties sufficient to compensate for loss of FT crews. Timber Industry contractors brought their machinery in to help fight fires and create fire breaks on PRIVATE PROPERTIES. But of course hate for FT should override public safety….. In terms of the wildlife there is a grave difference between a manged regeneration burn on a coupe than a raging out of control bushfire travelling at high speeds and destroying hundreds or even thousands of ha’s. I think the animals would agree with this as there is more chance for animals to escape a regen burn than a large scale bushfire not to mention that with the use of habitat retention strips and streamside buffers and reserves that the state forest areas are more protected in terms of its fauna when manged by FT than if a large scale bushfire was to destroy the entire lot……

  5. these poeple are slowley wiping out the forests in malaysia why are we allowing them here? is our government stupid……. wait i just answered that question save our forests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Kylie Moore claims that only a small proportion of the forests are logged and infers that today’s logging occurs largely in places previously logged and grown back. In fact, many of the forests logged to supply Ta Ann have never been logged before. Forests such as the one in which Miranda Gibson is perched are part of the Tasmanian Wilderness, immediately adjacent to the World Heritage Area, and pristine (apart from damage inflicted by the recently constructed logging road). ‘Young’ trees (misleadlingly referred to as regrowth by the logging industry) grow side by side with giants that are hundreds of years old. These young trees are not the result of past logging, but because of bushfires 80-100 years ago. We do need a forest-management department to help fight fires in these places, but Forestry Tasmania must be restructured. Its loss-making ‘commercial’ activities must end; it must no longer privatise public resources just so it can pay its bills; and government must put an end to Forestry Tasmania’s expensive and vacuous self promotion.

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