Media Release: Logging halted by conservationists in old growth forests, southern Tasmania

Conservationists have today halted logging in old growth forests, in the Esperance, far south Tasmania, where logging recently commenced.   Two people have attached themselves to logging machines to halt the destruction of old growth forests.

Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said, “The logging in these forests needs to be immediately ceased, this logging is precisely why the Tasmanian Forests Agreement bill needed to provide upfront reserves.  Delayed protection for forests and exempting areas to allow for ongoing logging, such as this area, results in the loss of intact ancient ecosystems.”

“The disappearance of these unique forests, to meet the desires of the logging industry, is a clear demonstration of how this legislation fails to protect Tasmania’s old growth forests.  And worse it funds with taxpayer subsidies the ongoing destruction of intact ecosystems,” Jenny Weber said.

“These old growth forests are habitat for the grey goshawk, spotted-tailed quoll and Mt Mangana stag beetle.  The forests here in this coupe provide a biological transition between mature wet forest and button-grass heathlands to the east,” Jenny Weber said.

“The Huon Valley Environment Centre will continue to act whenever ancient forests are compromised. We cannot stand by and allow our unique natural heritage to be logged, end up as flooring sold in the Japanese market as ‘eco-wood’, chipped and shipped, or sitting as stockpiles in Forestry Tasmania’s ecological waste yards.  Ancient forests need to be left standing,” Jenny Weber said.


By TaAnn

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