Take cyber action! New film reveals covert logging of World Heritage nominated forests

It beggars belief. In the fanfare of official announcements that 124,000 hectares of Tasmania’s forests had been nominated for World Heritage listing the Australian government failed to mention that chainsaws are to continue ripping into the heart of these very forests, destroying their values!

We scouted these remote and spectacular places to bring you this short film from behind the shroud of secrecy. It shows the magnificent forests that are being logged right now, and the threatened forests scheduled soon to be logged. Many of these are listed in official documents as being a source of wood for Ta Ann.

(english version of film)

We have crafted a new online message that you can send direct to Japan.

You can tell Ta Ann’s customers in Japan that the world heritage value forests in Tasmania are not an acceptable source of wood products, particularly when they are marketed as eco-friendly.

Recent feedback is that Japanese corporate customers of Ta Ann are paying attention to these messages. They continue to be nervous about what they are buying into and are demanding a genuine environmentally acceptable wood product.

Together we can save these forests and the birds and animals that live there by simply asking major customer companies refuse to buy the product of world heritage destruction. Any company that wants to maintain an environmental reputation should get out of this fake ‘eco’ flooring immediately.

As we portray in our new film: imagine a label on furniture or flooring saying ‘world heritage values died here’.

(japanese version of film)

Take action to defend the world heritage values of these Tasmanian forests and keep them safe for the future.

By TaAnn

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