After deferral of legislation to enact the Tasmanian Forest Agreement and Ta Ann’s announcement of an extended shutdown and agreement with Forestry Tasmania over reducing log supply, it is now imperative that a renewed moratorium halts ongoing logging inside the proposed new reserves.

Markets For Change say that customer companies and consumers will want to know that they are no longer at risk of receiving wood products arising from logging the very areas agreed for protection under the forest agreement, as such product does not meet environmental expectations of the market.

Yet as many as 60 logging coupes are on a list for exemptions to a moratorium, which equates to business-as-usual logging of places the House of Assembly agreed should be protected.

The spectacular threatened forests in logging coupe WR008A

The spectacular threatened forests in logging coupe WR008A

“A comprehensive moratorium on logging the proposed new reserves should be agreed by governments to satisfy market requirements for environmentally acceptable supply and to ensure the integrity of those places is maintained whilst Parliamentary deliberations continue,” said Peg Putt CEO of Markets For Change.“Ta Ann’s extended shutdown and reduction of supply from Forestry Tasmania provide the opportunity to reschedule out of the high conservation value forests immediately, something we believe is also in the interests of Ta Ann if they are to address the concerns of the market.”

“Wood supply requirements of Ta Ann have previously been used to justify scheduling logging operations inside contentious forests, under exemptions to a fully-fledged moratorium, but this should no longer be the case in light of new measures announced by Ta Ann.”

“A full moratorium this Christmas would be a positive all round,” Ms Putt concluded.

By TaAnn

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