Logging coupe CO003A, Counsel area. Image by Rob Blakers

We regularly send update reports to Ta Ann’s Japanese customer companies about the latest on Tasmania’s forests. Unbelievably, the news that we communicate with people who have the power to help save these magnificent places has been treated as a scandal by supporters of logging, warranting an accusatory article in Hobart’s Mercury newspaper.

Ta Ann’s customers continue to receive timber from Ta Ann that are sourced from contentious forests for a product they are selling as ‘eco-friendly’. If Ta Ann get clear market signals that their corporate customers don’t want to be involved in the destruction of Tasmania’s iconic forests, then this could encourage a rapid transition to more sustainable options.

Last week we sent this message:

Dear customer companies of Ta Ann Tasmania product,

I am writing to keep you updated with developments in Tasmania, as agreed when we visited you in Japan.

Last week participants in negotiations over the future of Tasmanian forests and the forest industry signed an ‘interim agreement’. This agreement fails to resolve the key issues of forest protection and future sources of wood supply. The failure to reach agreement on forest protection after more than 2 years of negotiations is of serious concern, and means that the forests issue is not resolved in Tasmania.

Our media release of 16th August: ‘FOREST RESERVES DELIVERY IS VITAL TO FOREST PEACE BUT MISSING FROM ‘INTERIM AGREEMENT’ is attached to this message. In this statement we warn that the failure to deliver an agreement for forest protection is very serious, and we urge action on this vital matter. We have joined forces with several other forest conservation groups to issue this media statement.

Further, logging and road building continues inside high conservation value forests that were previously promised comprehensive protection from logging whilst their future is negotiated. Official reports indicate that Ta Ann’s wood supply requirements have been driving this logging.

Our new report detailing this ongoing logging destruction, A FOREST A DAY, is also attached. This report compiles information and photographic evidence of the values and current or imminent logging of 29 forest coupes that are within the high conservation value forest areas under negotiation for future protection. Governments have failed to fulfil their promise that these areas would be given interim protection and not be destroyed. This report outlines the unique values of these places which are on current logging schedules.

Product that you are currently receiving from Tasmania may have originated from one of these high conservation value forests, and cannot be guaranteed to be ‘eco-friendly’.

Please support our requests that:
1. delivery of secure protection of high conservation value forests in Tasmania be rapidly agreed, and that
2. in the meanwhile the logging destruction of high conservation value forests be immediately halted.
Yours sincerely,

Peg Putt
Markets for Change

Jenny Weber
Huon Valley Environment Centre

We think you’ll agree that it is nonsensical for our detractors to characterise an ordinary email communication about the origins and acceptability of wood products as ‘environmental terrorism’. The answer is for more people to make their concerns known too. To take action CLICK HERE.

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