‘A forest a day’ project compiled in new report!

There has been continuous logging in forests across Tasmania that were earmarked for protection and which have been independently verified as being of world heritage or national heritage value, despite promises of a comprehensive moratorium on logging these high conservation value forests whilst their long term future is negotiated.

During July, we launched a new online project on www.taann.net and www.observertree.org called ‘A forest a day’. This important project showcases some of Tasmania’s most significant forested ecosystems, and documents their ongoing destruction. Throughout July, a new area of forest on the current logging schedule was profiled each day. These forests are under imminent threat or had been logged in the period of time when they should have been under a moratorium. We’ve compiled the online project into a report, which you can download HERE (for screen viewing) or HERE (for printing).

Forests whose future protection has been under discussion have been falling to the chainsaw because of the influence of the forestry industry and the failure of decision makers to restrain Forestry Tasmania. Forestry Tasmania has failed to reschedule all logging to occur outside of the forests nominated for protection.

A major driver of this logging is Ta Ann’s wood supply requirements, according to official documents. Please take action to help stop this destruction by sending a message to Ta Ann’s corporate customers in Japan HERE.

Sawmills supplying domestic Australian markets are also strongly implicated in these new logging incursions.

Plans to continue logging high conservation value forests

Alarmingly, a new three year logging plan constructed by Forestry Tasmania will apparently continue to schedule logging inside proposed reserve areas, leading to yet more destruction of the very values sought to be protected. Plans are for this logging to continue in the short to medium term even if a final forests agreement is concluded – unless Forestry Tasmania are instructed that this is not acceptable or allowable and that logging and road building in proposed reserves must cease immediately.

The ‘Forest a Day’ project has been a unique opportunity for people around the globe to bear witness to the ongoing logging of Tasmania’s globally and nationally significant forests. Never before has there been such an intensive account of the areas being logged or those crucial areas that remain threatened. 29 logging coupes in forests were profiled throughout July and of these, 15 have already been impacted by logging. This is just one small sample of significant forests around the state that are on the logging schedule right now.

Download the report HERE (for screen viewing) or HERE (for printing) and take a look at the magnificent forests that are still under imminent threat from destructive logging and roading operations.

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