Miranda smashes the Australian tree sit record!

New Australian record holder Miranda Gibson

Today, we are very proud to announce that Miranda Gibson has smashed the Australian tree sitting record by spending an epic 209 days in the upper canopy of The Observer Tree. The previous record holder was Manfred Stephens, who spent 208 days in a tree near Cairns in 1995.

“This is a significant milestone to reach, and this is now the longest running tree sit in Australian history. However, I sincerely hope for the sake of these high conservation value forests that protection is secured soon and I can come down from the tree” said Miranda from her perch in the Observer Tree, located in the threatened forests near Mt Mueller, southwest Tasmania.

“My presence is this tree has acted as a constant reminder for the past 209 days that verified world heritage and national heritage value forests are being lost, primarily due to Ta Ann’s wood supply specifications.”

“I have been in communication with the corporate customers of Ta Ann, to inform them of the conservation values of this forest and the need for Tasmania to move forward to a sustainable forest industry through the protection of high conservation value forests” said Miranda.

Get more info about Miranda’s epic tree-top vigil at www.observertree.org.

Feeling inspired by this wonderful woman? Take cyber action now for Tassie’s forests by clicking HERE and then share this action with your friends and family.

Miranda in the upper canopy of the ObserverTree. Photo by Paul Hoelen

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