Miranda Gibson marks 150 days in the ObserverTree

Miranda Gibson in the ObserverTree. Photograph: Matthew Newton. Source: The Australian

On Saturday, Tasmanian forest campaigner Miranda Gibson marked her 150th day in the ObserverTree, near the Styx Valley, Tasmania. Miranda has been living in a tree-sit, perched 60 metres up this ancient eucalypt since December last year, to highlight the fact that these magnificent forests are under immediate threat from logging, despite promises of protection.

Miranda appeared in The Australian newspaper this morning, with a fantastic article by Matthew Denholm (which you can read HERE and a beautiful photograph (above) by celebrated Tasmanian photographer Matthew Newton.

Take online action for Tasmania’s magnificent threatened forests right now and click HERE and check out Miranda’s daily blog on the ObserverTree website HERE!

On her 150th day in the ObserverTree, Miranda said ‘There is clear evidence that this logging coupe where my tree is located is due to be logged in order to supply logs to Malaysian company Ta Ann. The company have been identified in official documents as the key driver behind the ongoing logging in high conservation value forests. Yet they continue to misleadingly market their products internationally as being “eco” wood and coming from plantation sources.

‘I believe that the customers who are buying these products have the right to know the truth about where the wood is coming from. I also believe that Ta Ann needs to be accountable for the lies they are telling in the global market, and they need to be accountable to the community here in Tasmania, whose precious environment they are impacting. That is why I am committed to staying up in this tree. because I want to expose to the world the truth about the ongoing destruction of these forests and by doing so hopefully inspire others to take action to help protect these forests forever.’

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